Who Else Wants To Lose Weight While Eating All Of Their Favorite Cakes, Cookies, Ice Cream, Brownies, Cheesecakes & Candy?

Last updated 3 October 2023 87731 Views
Posted by Harmesh Singh

Did you know you don’t have to give up your favorite desserts to stay in great shape, lose weight, promote fat loss and even boost brain power? In fact, there’s a special kind of healthy desserts developed by a nutritional biochemist from Naples, Florida that perform biochemical liposuction on your body while you eat them!

Kelley Herring, M.S, M.B.A is an author & Nutritional Biochemist. She’s the founder of “Healing Gourmet,” a company specializing in helping people who struggle with fat loss and sugar addiction to lose weight and stay in great shape without giving up their favorite sweets.

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