Inside Facebook Timeline Income Machines:

Inside Facebook Timeline Income Machines:

Inside it comes complete with 2 business webpages included, complete with videos, advertising banners, infographic and powerpoint presentations. Also inside Timeline Income Machines product is a 46 page PLR (Private Label Rights) report which you can use to giveaway and attract prospective customers and build a list of potential clients, and one of the videos is produced with this in mind to entice prospects to opt-in. There are United States and UK versions of the videos included too.

The package itself contains 4 videos that offer a complete step-by-step guide from start to finish in setting up the Facebook timeline pages, you can have it up, running and published on Facebook from scratch in around 30 minutes, or less once you have done it a time or two.

It includes 10 different timelines to choose from in the basic package, including the Photoshop PSD files which can be edited in Gimp, a free image editing suite. There is also an upgrade option to invest in additional designs to give you a vast assortment for your clients to choose from.

There are 15 relevant articles included, which could easily be re-written and added to your website for additional exposure to attract clients.

They are including as a bonus a live training webinar with highly paid social marketing expert Dave Kerpen where he will reveal his tips and strategies along with real case studies. Each upgrade also includes additional bonuses.


I’ve had time to go through the basic product and overall I have to say Timeline Income Machines is packed full of value, currently selling for less than $10, at this price it’s a steal, where else can you set up your own business overnight for so little But Timeline Income Machines has so much more potential included, you could have your own business up and running in as little as a couple of hours. Even if you only make use of it for your own personal timelines it would be well worth the investment.

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