Google AdSense, Advertising On Your Blog

Google AdSense, Advertising On Your Blog

Google AdSense, Advertising On Your Blog

Buy adsense account because adsense is used for the insertion of advertising in a Blog is a recurring approach that millions of Bloggers around the world are questioned at some point in the development of your website.

The integration of advertisements in any media is done for economic purposes. The propaganda of millions of companies around the world expands through the webs through large channels distributors that compete to position their ads in the greater number of possible sites.

If you have ever considered it and you have not dared, if you do not know how it works or what it can really offer, if you want to learn how to use it, then this article interests you.

How Does It Work?

There are hundreds of advertising channels that we can use, but within them, we will set this guide for beginners in which Google provides us: AdSense. This is an advertising program offered by Google for any web page publisher, understanding as the publisher the person who creates and manages the website and its contents.

A blogger or a creator of a web page with own domain can adhere to ADsense to obtain the publicity provided that it complies with the policies and the quality standards that the mark demands.

What Should I Consider?

There are two main points of acceptance in order to start using the service:

  • On the one hand we must accept the “Terms and Conditions” that reflect the contract that you establish with Google to use your service:
  • Like any agreement that is established between two parties, it must be read carefully to understand what is being done before its acceptance. It is fundamental to understand at this point how the access to the service takes place:
  • The use is subject to the creation of an AdSense account request so buy adsense account and the subsequent approval of the same by Google. That is, not simply linking our Blog to the ADSense program, it will be directly linked to it, first must comply with the program’s policy that guarantees advertisers a minimum level of quality of the site where they will be announced. So, until Google has reviewed our site to verify that it complies with its program policies, we will not begin to display the advertising that your service offers.
  • Another point to take into account is in the “Policies of the program” that are the set of rules that we must comply in order to enjoy the service. The moment we accept the policies of the program we are affirming that we will comply with the norms that Google Requires us to use the service. Among these rules we must take into account:
  • That policies can change and should be reviewed if changes are reported and then not be surprised by a cancellation of the contract for non-compliance.
  • Controlling “invalid clicks”, understanding that those we artificially generate, doing them ourselves, forcing our customers voluntarily or involuntarily to do them or using ad placement techniques that cause the user to “click through” will automatically cause No payment is made for the “click” made and may even end up extinguishing the contract of the ADSense service on your Web for fraudulent use. That is, Google will avoid fraud at all costs and has enough mechanisms to detect them.
  • You must comply with certain content guidelines. If your website has inappropriate content according to the program’s policy, your request for access to it will not be approved. If you have violated these policies after having obtained the adhesion to the program, Google will be able to extinguish the contract
  • You will also control the use of copyrighted material, you will not be able to use ADSense on copyrighted pages.


What Do I Get In Return?

  • Once the application is accepted by Google, it will take some time for the ads to appear on your website. If a user makes a valid “click”, the amount of money you receive may vary depending on multiple parameters (Ad Placement, number of site users, time of day, geographic location of the click according to the campaign, etc.). ..). Keep in mind that not all users who visit you click and that can occur once per thousand visits, therefore, is not a system that will provide you with great benefits unless you are able to generate enough interest as To receive thousands of hits a day that increase your chances of receiving revenue for “valid clicks.”
  • The payment of the benefits obtained by clicking occurs when a certain amount of money accumulates that reaches the threshold marked in ADSense to receive the collection.
  • It will be made to a bank account, bank check or other methods of payment that describe you in the program configuration, which will occur when the limit threshold has been configured that has ADSense configured.
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